Monday, October 19, 2009


"C'est Facile." from Erica Rogers on Vimeo.

This 5.6 route was set by Mike M. at the UNL Rec Center. "C'est Facile" is, I'll admit, correctly advertised. But that's not really the point: I have made it UP. Though I'm pleased with this victory so early in P'UP, I know the real work has just begun. The Dolly Parton Project climb still waits, and I can see I have a long way to go before I'm ready to head outdoors.

My non-climbing daughter is an artist and filmmaker. This weekend, she came down from Milwaukee to shop for her wedding dress and hang out with me. We found a dress - it's gorgeous - then we went thrifting. I'm now the proud owner of two goldenrod circa 1960s lounge chairs, two lamps, and an end table. All cost me a whopping $16. After shopping and getting our hair done, we shuffled off to the Rec. Christina was intrigued with P'UP, and decided she wanted to try her hand at climbing, too.

What we discovered is this: Gravity sucks. She's going to try again her next visit.

After a few efforts, she sat with my camera and shot some video of my second ascent. My climb isn't pretty, but it's a climb. I'll take it. The film credit goes entirely to Christina - she sat at my computer and whipped this thing together today (and made it all seem so easy). Had I tried, well, we'd still be waiting for the ending credits.


  1. GO EFR!!! And I'm so happy that Christina decided to give it a whirl too.

  2. It's great seeing you climb. You are beginning to look like a natural. You'll be on a 5.7 in no time!


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