Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've had a rockin' great weekend. My BMI has gone down 1.47 since the end of January. I went out with friends last night and didn't eat my way across town. I've learned I can stomach rum and Diet Coke, so long as I have plenty of limes. But better than all of that: I climbed today.

I wouldn't call it a triumphant return, though I did nearly on-sight my first route of the day (much to my surprise). My new harness is awesome - thank you, Black Diamond. Of course, this new harness was all twisted up and strange at first, took three people to straighten it out, and two failed attempts ... but that's another story for another day. Let's just say I lived up to my socially awkward ways and loved every minute of it.

The Flatland Climbing Comp is less than a week away, so the next four days will be the best climbing opportunities for me. After the comp, the wall will be rather bare with just the competition routes hung until everyone has their chance to master what mastered them. That means I've got four days to get up the "Back Bacon" and "Blue Hand Blues" (5.7) before they'll disappear just like the "Dolly Parton Project" did. I imagine I'll get UP one of those 5.7s before the route setters steal my dreams (metaphorically speaking).

Things that went really well today:

1. My foot didn't start to hurt until I spent too much time on the crux of my first route back.

2. I didn't panic, even when I really wanted to flail and bail.

3. I graduated from the house-issue "harness of shame" to my own (just like a big kid).

Things that could have gone better:

1. I let my head get too far away from the task at hand.

2. I didn't get to the wall in time to spend a half-hour bouldering.

Today was spectacular. I was able to return to the wall that I love (it hugged me, I swear). I made a new Asian-inspired soup (recipe to be posted later this month) that is spicy and loaded with fresh vegetables including a kind of mushroom I've never used before. I got my two-miles of walk/running in today, washed my sheets, graded student papers, and still found time to go to my Weight Watchers meeting before heading to the grocery store. The day ended at the wall, as all good days should. What more could I ask for? Chocolate? An earth-shattering orgasm? Puh-leaz!

Okay, so maybe the orgasm wouldn't be so bad. But it would have to be battery-free and not self-propelled like a John Deere lawnmower.

Anyway ...

My point (and I have one) is this: I'm back. The two months and two weeks in the Boot of Doom is over. I've got my life back. And that's more love than I could have hoped for this Valentine's Day.


  1. I'm so happy you had a great and encouraging time during your first trip back! I figured you wouldn't miss a beat but I didn't want to make lofty predictions and jinx you. You're going to get right back on the rapid part of the learning curve.

    It can feel so good to put every minute of a day to use and get multiple positive things done. It's like sleeping on new sheets.

    My V-day was similar in that regard, but strange nonetheless. Tyler, Ryan and Eli were all out of town. I got a lot done, but felt pretty invisible.

    I did get to celebrate Kim's acceptance into PA school on Saturday. We threw her a small surprise party at her place. She was authentically surprised and glad we were there (even though only 3 of us had actually arrived in time to yell "Surprise!" when she walked in the door - lazy bastards!.

    I'm enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for that recipe!

  2. I love new sheets. The only thing better than new sheets is freshly laundered (and still warm) bath towels. I'm a housewares ho! Congrats to Kim for getting into PA school. That's awesome! Invisible? No way. Not even. Recipes are coming ... working on a new one tonight. Thanks for the support, Adam.

  3. When single on Valentine's Day, doing things you love to show you love you are so good!

    Glad to hear you are UP! I have a great recipe for Vegetarian Chili to share with you.

  4. Make it, take a photo, write it down ... send it all and I'll publish it here!


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