Wednesday, January 6, 2010



LINCOLN, Neb.- Erica F. Rogers (D) bent her ankle on Tuesday with full mobility for the first time since Nov. 25, 2009. Circular rotation of the foot is possible, but not recommended. News of this healing milestone was welcomed. Rogers, having spent more than five weeks in the tarsal chastity belt otherwise known as "the Boot of Doom," said she was encouraged by recent developments. Clutching her climbing harness and wiping tears with her polka-dot chalk bag, the novice indoor sport climber was visibly moved as she reached this healing milestone.

"I can see the end of the road," Rogers said, "and it leads to the Rec center."

The x-ray scheduled for Jan. 16 has been moved up to Jan. 13. Rogers said she is optimistic, and forecasted a short-term regime with physical therapy and a gradual entry into normal activity. Though initial recovery estimates seemed grim, Rogers said she believes she will be climbing again before March 1.

"I have to," Rogers said, "this sedentary lifestyle is making my butt grow."

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